Mastering Pleasure: How to Use an Onahole for Maximum Enjoyment

Onahole is a portable sex toy for men that can help relieve sexual tension in modern society, where stress is high. It is safe and hygienic to use, enhances confidence and sexual performance, and allows men to explore their sexual desires freely. It is beloved by many men.

Today, Sugar Anime will release a detailed tutorial on how to use Onahole:

How to Use Onahole?

Step 1: Inspection

After receiving the product, inspect it first. Onahole is a special type of product, and many shops do not support returns or exchanges after use. So, do not use it before checking if the functions are working properly and all the accessories, such as some electric hands-free models, base, and charging cables, are in place.

Step 2: Preparation

Before using Onahole, apply lubricant at the entrance in moderate amounts to reduce friction. Remember, lubricant is Onahole’s golden partner and a necessary accessory.

Step 3: Usage

1. Adaptation and Sensation – Rub your penis back and forth at the entrance, so it is covered with lubricant. Of course, you can also directly apply the lubricant to your penis.

2. Slowly Enter – Especially for virgins, if you feel like you are about to ejaculate, stop and wait a bit, or withdraw. Repeat this process to gradually reduce the sensitivity of the penis head. This process is helpful for future sexual activities. When you enter the G-spot, your most sensitive part is already inside Onahole. The first wave of sensation is here, and repeating this process can reduce the sensitivity of the penis, achieving the goal of delaying ejaculation.

3. Continue to Enter – After adaptation, continue to enter, and the penis head will receive more stimulation because the flesh protrudes from this area. As the rear section gradually enters, there will be a strong feeling of being sucked in, like pressing your hand into a basin of water, feeling buoyancy at first, then suction after fully pressing in.

4. Function Exploration – Continue to explore and change the location of stimulation in the penis head. For those with vibration or sound features, you can enjoy these Onahole features. For example, the voice-enabled Onahole model, like Kero, is intelligent and produces different sounds based on the strength.

5. Climax Experience – There will be a feeling of being squeezed out as if a woman is squirting. This section completely covers the penis head, and every thrust provides maximum stimulation in all directions. Generally, when reaching this point, men cannot resist the urge to make piston movements. But to achieve the goal of exercise, it is best to push it all the way down, hold it, and slowly move away as the feeling subsides, which is similar to the action during real sex.

Special Onahole Usage

For voice-enabled Onahole models, you can use earplugs to adjust sound levels, and some models, such as Takeyoku, come with earplugs.

For AR glasses Onahole, you can share pleasure and squirting with your goddess.

For intelligent Onahole, you can sense the strength of the movement and enjoy the experience with different levels of sound.

For hands-free Onahole models, they are generally not suitable for wooden desktops. It is best to use them on glass or tile surfaces. After receiving the product, test it, and make sure to twist the small knob before suction.

How to Use a Onahole

It is recommended to use the onahole about twice a week to achieve the best experience. However, excessive use is also not recommended, so please pay attention to the frequency of use.

Should a condom be worn when using an onahole?

It is not recommended to wear a condom when using a onahole because it can affect the comfort. Masturbation cups are made of silicone and are very comfortable.

How to Clean After Use

After using the onahole, it needs to be cleaned and disinfected. If you are using a detachable onahole, you can clean it by turning it inside out and washing the channel. If you are using a non-detachable onahole, you can rinse it directly under the tap. After cleaning, use a towel to dry it and apply disinfectant. However, please note that after applying disinfectant, you need to wait for it to dry before storing it. This way, it can be reused.


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