Expert Advice on How to Clean Onahole for Maximum Pleasure

Onaholes replicate the internal design of a female’s genitalia, allowing you to insert your penis directly into the onahole and simulate sexual intercourse with a woman.

Some onaholes do not replicate a female’s genitalia but instead have a soft and tight internal design that resembles a small tube. Others are designed with electric massage functions that can provide pleasure through vibration and massage techniques, bringing you to a state of blissful ecstasy.

After each use, thoroughly clean your onahole to be able to use it multiple times. So how do you clean an onahole?

Expert Advice on How to Clean Onahole for Maximum Pleasure

Manual Onahole:

1. Rinse the onahole thoroughly with warm water inside and out. If you just purchased the onahole, it’s best to rinse it before use. Many people make the mistake of turning the onahole inside out to clean it, which can damage the entrance. Instead, gently spread the entrance apart, turn on the tap, and let the flowing water flush through the onahole until the water overflows, allowing the flowing water to flush out any dirt inside.

2. Apply shower gel: Apply shower gel or soap to clean the inside and outside of the onahole. Rub the onahole repeatedly with your hands.

3. Rub the inner wall: Use your fingers to rub the inner wall or use a soft brush to probe inside to clean. If it no longer feels sticky, then it’s clean.

4. Wipe dry: After rinsing thoroughly, use a dry cloth to wipe the inside of the mold. Do not use tissue to wipe it, as it can leave behind tissue fragments and create a breeding ground for bacteria.

5. Spray disinfectant: Finally, spray disinfectant into the onahole for about one minute. Then, use a dry towel to wipe the cleaning disinfectant clean.

Expert Advice on How to Clean Onahole for Maximum Pleasure

Electric Onahole:

1. For onahole products with batteries, remove the batteries before storage. Do not leave the batteries in the onahole for a long time, as they may leak corrosive liquid, which can corrode the onahole.

2. After cleaning, wipe the onahole with a clean tissue or towel, wrap it in the storage bag, and store it in a cool, well-ventilated place. Do not expose it directly to sunlight, as high temperatures can cause a chemical reaction with PVC and TPR materials, creating toxins. This also applies to silicone products.

3. When using an onahole, always use lubricant. Using an onahole requires the use of lubricant.

Expert Advice on How to Clean Onahole for Maximum Pleasure


1. Most onaholes have a silicone surface. Do not boil them in water, as this can damage the surface.

2. You can use alcohol for disinfection, but after disinfection, rinse the onahole with clean water. If alcohol residue enters the channel inside the onahole and remains there for an extended period, it can erode the channel, which is not good for the body.


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