How to Custom Nendoroid Face? 6 Step You Should Know

To create a custom Nendoroid face, you will need some basic art supplies and a bit of creativity. Here are the steps you can follow:

1. Sketch out your design: Start by drawing your custom face design on paper, using a pencil or pen. Be sure to keep in mind the proportions of a Nendoroid face and keep it simple so that it can be easily replicated.

2. Transfer your design: Once you are satisfied with your design, transfer it onto a transparent adhesive sticker sheet or tracing paper. Make sure it’s the correct size for a Nendoroid face.

3. Cut out your design: Using scissors or a precision knife, cut out your design carefully. Be sure to leave a border around the edges of the design to make it easier to apply.

4. Apply your design: Peel the backing off the adhesive sticker sheet or tracing paper and carefully apply it to the Nendoroid face. Smooth out any air bubbles or wrinkles.

5. Seal your design: Once the design is applied, you may want to seal it to prevent it from peeling off or fading over time. You can use a clear sealant or clear nail polish to do this.

6. Enjoy your custom Nendoroid face: Once the sealant is dry, your custom Nendoroid face is ready to use! You can swap it out with the original faceplate and display your unique creation.

Note: Creating a custom Nendoroid face can be a fun and rewarding DIY project, but it does require some skill and patience. Be sure to take your time and work carefully to achieve the best results.

How to Custom Nendoroid Face? 6 Step You Should Know

Diipoo is a company that provides custom Nendoroid services. Nendoroids are poseable mini-figures typically manufactured by the Japanese company Good Smile Company. Diipoo’s service allows customers to customize a unique Nendoroid based on their preferences and needs.

Customers can choose their favorite character or design and provide relevant reference images and requirements. Diipoo’s team will design and manufacture a customized Nendoroid based on the customer’s specifications. Customers can choose different options such as head, body, arms, legs, clothing, accessories, and more to meet their needs.

Diipoo’s service is not limited to individual customers but also provides customized Nendoroid services for businesses, brands, events, and more. Their services include design, manufacturing, packaging, and logistics to ensure that customers can get high-quality customized Nendoroids.


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