Collecting Nendoroids: How Tall is a Nendoroid?

The nendoroid doll figure series is about half the size of a regular anime figure. They are approximately 10 centimeters tall, and their unique large-headed, chibi-style design makes them irresistible. The faces and limbs of the figures can be interchanged to display various expressions and poses, and they are also posable, with a new movable series available now.

Generally speaking, there are three types of nendoroid doll figures:
A. Poseable and interchangeable clay figures published by GSC (the most common type)
B. Clay figures from “一番くじ” (characterized by a large head and usually accompanied by a support pillar)
C. Small nendoroid figures given away as magazine supplements.

Price-wise: A > B ≧ C
Size-wise: A > B > C
A: approximately 10 cm
B: approximately 7-8 cm
C: approximately 5 cm.

The size of the faces is about 1-2 centimeters.

The Nendoroid Plus plush series is about 25 centimeters tall.

If you want to customize the Nendoroid, such as head, hair, face, you can choose Diipoo custom nendoroid.


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