Top 5 Most Sexual Anime

From humble beginnings to where we are standing today.

Sexual themes in anime have surely come a long way now that I think of it. Looking back, in the past the most sexual thing ever to be in an anime was Bulma lifting up her skirt to show Master Roshi her lips.


From humble beginnings to where we are standing today.

Sexual themes in anime have surely come a long way now that I think of it. Looking back, in the past the most sexual thing ever to be in an anime was Bulma lifting up her skirt to show Master Roshi her lips.

Other than that, groping has always been a common thing, being present in almost every anime out there. But as we moved forward all different kinds of shows started popping up.

Now we have a multitude of anime to choose from when it comes to the sexual themes and everything. And no I'm not talking about innuendos or anything, I'm talking about anime that take things to the next level and make us want to watch particular scenes over and over again.

So let's think from somewhere else and count down to the 5 most sexual anime ever to exist.


Being incarnated into another world that's completely different from ours after getting hit by a truck, oh wait sorry, my bad, dying cause of getting afraid to the point that you had a breakdown followed by a heart attack and everyone was there at your deathbed laughing themselves to death as well.

That is our boy, the main character, Satou Kazuma. Having played video games his entire life, he has no experience what so ever when it comes to anything else.

Good thing he uses what's left of his brain in the most critical of moments and gets a god to accompany him during his stay in the other world. From stealing panties followed by those creepy hand signs that make us think how hard it'd have been to animate them to all kinds of slime fetishes coming to the service to getting introduced by a masochist girl who finds pleasure getting his armor torn to pieces to the extent of getting an orgasm from it.

Konosuba features a lot more than that girl at the counter who made you get a boner from the get go. Those bouncy transitions aren't all there is to the show since the show only gets better and better later on.

Even when his days are numbered, he still wants to lie down with his face between those purple melons. What a guy seriously.



Boobs have never looked so good ever in anime.

From the outside, it's like this ordinary high school anime like any other making people underestimate it's potential. But a few minutes into the show and you see one of the finest babes in the industry.

From waking up in unexpected positions to taking on the role of a peeping tom making Jiraiya feel insecure of himself in the grave, Maken Ki has a lot to offer.

The undressing scenes are one of the best ones out there being only second to High School DXD in my opinion. But that's okay since that anime is like at the top when it comes to lewd themes and everything like that. Moreover, the battles are done really well in this anime so you'll never get bored no matter what. Everyone apparently is like a Z cup here despite being young and not have grown to their fullest extent. It's one of the best animations when it comes to the genre and features one of the sexiest curves to date.

3.High School of the Dead


If you're going to wear the 'ultra transparent' ones, why wear any from the start? God of High School has unarguebly the best jugs out there.

It features no particular story, just a ruckus running away from these undead creatures while their melons bouncing off of each other. They look more like tumorous outgrowths at this point ngl.

But they make the perfect thing for the boobie addicts out there since it's animated the best out of them.

Throughout the show you'll see a lot of scenes in that aspect. Hell, the whole anime is about that, who am I fooling right here. Sure to make you search for this high school turning a blind eye for the risk it comes with.

The jugs are truly a work of art and something that'd raise your standards sky high when it comes to the expectations you have from the ones in real life.

2.Shinmai Maou no Testament


Getting step sisters in an anime that's based on a theme that's lewd through and through. Everyone can see how this is going to go from then on.

Having two new additions when it comes to the family members living in the house, the show features a busty devil and a petit silver haired girl who are apparently demons. But the house they've moved into, the boy that they'd be living with is a hero through and through and someone who fights demons and eats them for breakfast. Get ready for all kinds of awkward encounters and situations that's sure to take the lewd theme to the next level. It features situations you never even expected let alone seen in an anime before and is truly one of a kind when it comes to this particular genre.

1.High School DxD

Everyone knows it, everyone's heard of it.

Throw all the regular high school anime out of the window since they're boring and washed up.

All they do is show regular life and teenage emotions no one cares about. We're all over that.

This right here is gold. It's the epitome of fan service in anime and a show I doubt anyone hates. It features some good action in both senses if you're a shounen action fan as well so you've got that going for you. Plus, the girls are so voluptuous that everyone would fail if they were in those guess her age challenges making us all end up in jail in an instant. T

he comedy is so on point and it only gets better as the show goes on since no joke or pun is used more than once. The undressing scenes are animated so perfectly that it makes the real ones look like something no one would ever want to look at.

This serves to eliminate all the peeping toms so it's a win right here. Moreover, incredibly sensual awkward situations are created at times in the show making roll on the floor with laughter.

It shows a version of high school that makes everyone think they had a bad and boring school and that they've wasted their lives to this very day.

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