Top 5 Romance Comedy Anime

Romance, a genre so heartwarming. A genre is so delightful that we just can't get enough of it.

It exhibits the beauty of the human heart in the most perfect way possible. It makes us remember that despite everything that's ever happened, everything that's been g


Romance, a genre so heartwarming. A genre is so delightful that we just can't get enough of it.

It exhibits the beauty of the human heart in the most perfect way possible. It makes us remember that despite everything that's ever happened, everything that's been going on, we still have something deep within our chests that gets us going, that makes us all human at the end.

The Romance genre has been in the scene for a long time. It's been the theme of one of the best shows ever since the beginning of time itself.

One of the things I love when it comes to the Romance genre is how fluid it is. By fluidity, I mean how it blends with anything and everything and yet doesn't feel out of place at all. It makes anything it's combined with a combo that's to look out for. It's like something you add in as a new ingredient in order to refine your recipe.

The finished dish is something that's way more palatable and delightful than anything else. That's what makes the Romance genre so loved and adored by everyone.

The Romance-Comedy combo has been in the scene for a while now. The combo has produced so many good shows that it's hard to name them all at this point.

But, some shows, in particular, stand out when it came to the chuckles and remind us of those flutters to this very day.

So let's recall our memories and count down to the Top 5 Romance-Comedy anime of all time.


Appearances are often deceptive. Nothing speaks of this more truly than Nisekoi itself.

It's something that starts off real simple. The idea is simple of two kids having promised to marry each other one day. So cute, kids and their promises. In order to never forget about the promise, the boy, Rake even keeps a locket the key of which is held by none other than the girl.

And by the way Rake is the son of a Yakuza boss so get ready to expect all different kinds of things. The story goes on with all kinds of girls being added to Rake's life and all different forms of hilarious developments that's sure to make you have a great comedic experience.

Moreover, when this particular girl, Chitoge moves to his school, they immediately become enemies all of a sudden.

But they suddenly find out that they're intended to marry each other! It's a rollercoaster ride of emotions and one you would definitely remember for the eternity to come.


When it first came out, I was pretty surprised by the amount of attention and hype it was getting.

It was literally all over the place back in 2015. I decided to try it out. It was one of the best anime I ever watched for sure.

It brings out a brand new theme, never seen before. The whole story about the guy being so huge and the girl being a beauty is like one from 'The Beauty and The Beast' but like a way more heartwarming and sweet version of it.

Throughout the show we have so many developments and scenarios that make the show stand out and make you fall deeper in love with the characters.

It's something that's like a breath of fresh air and something that transcends the whole Romance-Comedy genre to another level.

Not to mention the animation is top notch and the characters are so charming that you'd be rearranging your 'favorite' characters list the moment a new one is introduced.

3. Toradora!


Everyone has heard of this. This anime is like the whole Romance-Comedy genre and the High School setting done in the most perfect way possible.

The whole thing about Ryuuji looking like a delinquent and a Yakuza at that and Taiga looking like that girl who'd whoop your ass in an instant from the get go is something that makes the characters one of a kind.

The characters already had us in love with them but then they introduced this setting of them having a crush on each other's best friends. We already know how it's going to go down from that.

They form a truce and agree to help each other devise ways and means to confess their feelings to the ones they love. But along the way all kinds of things happen and the bond between them gets stronger, more than ever than the bond with the ones they formed a truce for.

It features the charming characters in all kinds of situations and a storyline you'd surely be coming back to watch again and again.

2. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Have you ever expected the worst-case scenario that'd ever happen when you confess your love to someone, rejection? Humiliation? Suspension? Think again. They might give you an autograph, one with a pen name at that as well. It's sure to make you go, what the hell just happened?

This show exactly starts off like that. Nozaki, a mangaka, is this tall handsome guy who the heroine, Chiyo Sakura has a crush on. But, whenever she tries to confess her feelings to her, the words either can't come out of her mouth or they just come out in a misleading manner.

She's been collecting a bunch of autographs I tell you that. But, aside from them, the aspect of the show that stood out to me is the character development.

The characters have an individuality and are by no means similar or 'fake' at all. They're completely different with everyone having his/her own charms that makes the show all the more entertaining.

The show has a lot of good punch lines and a comedy style that's one of a kind. Definitely a show everyone should watch.

1. Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru

 Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru

This has to be the one at the top. With a lead character who can be sweet yet savage enough to cut straight through your heart.

One that's able to read situations in the most prudent way possible and not give in to his emotions ever. But that's what makes the show how it is since the comedy and the romance with this cast of characters develops in such a unique way that one can't help but to see it through till it's termination.

Being a part of the Volunteer Service Club, Hikigaya and crew come along all different kinds of people presenting all different kinds of situations that at times are hilarious yet cute to say the least.

It's like Hyouka in some ways but without the curiosity since Hachiman right here has given up on happiness all together.

Yukinoshita, is same in the aspect that she's prudent and is a stunning beauty, but she doesn't give in to emotions at all and can be pretty straight forward at times.

But along the way of their journey in the Volunteer Service Club, they develop a bond that brings them closer and closer and make them understand each other on a level they could've never imagined before.

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