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The original Diorama Bag www.diorbagsvip.com is built with outward lined Cannage Motif, but the latest Diorama Bag is designed with inward lined Cannage Motif. The inward lined Cannage Motif has bigger lines due to dior bags the deepness. And the stitches are more vivid. The New Look featured a more structured silhouette with a cinched waist and even shorter skirts. Keep in mind that at the time these designs were revolutionary. After the release of the New Look line, stars flocked to get their hands on Christian Dior pieces. For Cruise 2017, Dior added a new size to its Lady Dior lineup: the My Lady Dior. It's the first customizable Bag from Dior. But the design is exactly the same as the original Lady Dior Bag except the shoulder strap.