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Another winter is upon us and the Moncler Genius project is back for the third installment with British designer Craig Green headlining. Stunting on his fellow Moncler Genius compadres, the menswear designer didn't show up empty - handed providing an introspective inquiry into the protective, yet lightweight qualities of down - filling in the collection dubbed 5 Moncler Craig Green.

Black and white to me, is another medium. Imported from the States during the early days of the Ura - Harajuku era - where industry legends such as Hiroshi Fujiwara popularized the sport and combined it with streetwear - skateboarding has made its way into the Japanese mainstream, and has even been acknowledged as an official Olympic discipline for the very first time this year.

You see the thing a Moncler does (aside from conveying an unapologetically cool Alpine vibe) is actually insulate. Layers of Moncler Jacket wool, p0lymide, nylon, cashmere, elastane and down work to create a cocoon of warmth regulated by body temperature.

His hat was sprouting with flopping blue cones. Now, we are working together on bold plans to develop Moncler Outlet US the group, all with a clear goal in mind: to enhance our brands' identities, honour their uniqueness and, at the same time, build a solid framework to support their evolution and future development.

As you are undoubtedly aware, on Monday night Drake dropped the "Hotline Bling" video and people freaked the fuck out. The clip of Drizzy busting out all your middle school dance moves Moncler Outlet in a variety of illuminated rooms caused a fucking torrential downpour of GIFs.