Top 7 Best Runescape Auras

While auras might not appear like much, they can make a big difference when fighting.


Auras are objects that offer short-term benefits in Runescape. They can be purchased at Solomon's General Store for Loyalty Points. These benefits are temporary and cannot be paused once activated and will continue to run when you are logged out. Auras are subject to a cooling-off period which must be finished before being able to reactivate.

Are those membership loyalty points making a dent in your pockets? Here's how to spend those points.

While auras might not appear like much, they can make a big difference when fighting. However, the right aura can make a an enormous difference, particularly in combat. Here are the seven most effective must-have Auras to keep in your carry-on bag.

7. Supreme Accuracy Auras - Brawler Sharpshooter, Runic and Sharpshooter Accuracy

These Tier-4 auras help laser-focus your combat, boosting your attack accuracy. Sharpshooter increases Ranged while Brawler improves Melee and Runic Accuracy improves Magic. You can choose your favorite method of fighting or any of them.


10% improvement in accuracy in the same combat style

1 hour of usage, with 3-hour cooldown period

Each aura is worth 57,000 loyalty points. If you've not purchased earlier tiers of the aura, the cumulative cost is 107,000 loyalty points.

While these awe-inspiring images may appear simple at first however, a small boost in accuracy can have a significant impact. Increased accuracy leads to greater kills per hour which can increase the amount of experience gained. Soul Split is also more useful if you're accurate. These auras will ensure that heavy hits are hit.

6. Legendary Jack of Trades Aura

The Jack of Trades Aura is something like a mini-game and an experience lamp all in one. After activating the aura, you'll be given three hours. Through that time, you'll get experience in at minimum 25 different areas as well as the reward for experience.


The award is based on experience level for gaining XP after having acquired 25 different skills

The aura can be removed after you've completed the 25-skill challenge by the deadline. The aura is available only every day. It's worth 120,000 loyalty points and a cumulative cost of 225,000 for all levels.

You will receive an experience reward based on the level of your selected skill. You'll get 20,050 XP if you select a skill level of 90. The most appealing part? You'll only need to earn 1 experience point per of the 25 skills in order to earn the prize, meaning you'll be able to complete it in a short time. Who doesn't like easy XP?

5. Attack Power Auras: Berserker, Maniacal, Reckless

These super auras are similar to the accuracy auras, and increase your combat style. They can increase the amount of damage you can do and level by 10%. However, there's a caveat: your Defence level and protection both worsen by 15%. Berserker increases Melee and Maniacal boosts Magic. Reckless increases ranged.


A 10% increase in output for damage

10% level of combat style increase

The Defence Level was reduced by 15 Percent

15% damage taken increase

30 minutes of usage 5 hours cooling down period

Each aura is worth 50k loyalty points.

You can do more damage, but you also take on more. Make plans accordingly. Thankfully, the power boost is able to be combined with increases from the Overload potion. This means that you can take a lot of damage with each hit. Pair that with Soul Split or Scrimshaw of Vampyrism to overcome the Defence drop.

4. Penalties Aura

You get hit and take 100 points of injury. You get 5 prayer points restored if you're using Penance. For this penance, you don't need to visit priests, neither.


Prayer points: 5% of the damage has been restored

1 hour of use, 3-hour cooldown period

Penance is 23,000 loyalty points. This aura can be useful in making it less necessary to use prayer potions for semi-bosses and monsters with significant damage outputs. Use it in tandem with Soul Split to create a potent combo of healing and prayer restoration.

3. Supreme Reverence Aura

As Penance does, Reverence enhances your prayer abilities in two ways. However, Reverence doesn't depend on the damage you take which makes it the more effective choice when you're fighting less deadly monsters.


Prayer points reduce 10% slower

The consumption of a prayer drink can increase your prayer points by 10%. prayer points

1 hour of use, 3-hour cooldown period

This aura is worth 57,500 loyalty points with an average price of 115,000. Use Supreme Reverence when you plan on using Prayers or Curses that have the highest drain rate. You'll carry fewer potions and will bring home more loot. This is an ideal win-win scenario.

2. 2. Dark Magic

This effect is available to all types of combat, therefore don't get fooled by the name. Dark Magic, when activated, gives you a small chance that the damage you do will cause your opponent be damaged and corrupted. Dark Sorcery is a dark way to gain power.

What harm does it result in? It's not an easy task. The aura will select the lowest value from the following options:

The difficulty level of the fight style you're using is +1 multiplied by 15. For instance, (90 Magic+1) 91x15=1,365 damage or

5% of the life points of your opponent.

The smaller quantity unleashes and damages your attacker, at first, for 100% of that amount and then the rest of the numbers are 80 percentage, 64% and 51.2%. These attacks based on corruption occur within under 10 seconds.

Dark Magic, like most effects, comes with a one-hour duration and a 3 hour cooling time. You can buy it for 42,500 loyalty points.

Dark Magic should be your choice of an aura in the event of a battle with monsters that have a lot of life points. Bring it along next time you face off against Glacors. It's going to be a huge hit.

1. Vampyrism

This aura won't make you feel a rage, but it will help you leech off the blood of your enemies. Although it has the same effect as Soul Split, it doesn't drain your prayer point. It grants healing that is 5percent of your damage output.

For instance, if your attack hits 1,000 damage, you'll get back 50 health points. (Note that the healing effect is limited to 50 points per hit.


5% of the damage output you generate returns to you in the form of life points

1 hour of use 3 hours cooling down period

While it's a great standalone option, Vampyrism stacks with Soul Split and a Scrimshaw of Vampyrism. This is the best weapon for whatever task your Slayer master could give you.