Introduction to Version 4.1 of Venti

Introduction to the role

First of all, Venti’s advantages: with a large range of poly monster abilities in a specific environment, with and without Venti, is completely different. The second point has a super cool big-world experience: Venti’s E-skill long press can summon the wind field to fly.

Introduction to Version 4.1 of Venti

Venti talent

1. Normal attack for up to six consecutive bow shots.

2. Heavy hits give higher damage and more accurate aiming shots. When aiming at the river, heaven and earth winds will continue accumulating on the arrows, and arrows filled with wind power will cause wind element damage.

3. A drop attack shoots a shower of arrows from the air and quickly crashes to the ground, dealing range damage on landing. 

4. Elemental Skill: Call to the wind that sings in concert with poetry and music and lifts up the things that walk in the dust and mud. Tap: Summons a Wind zone at a target location, dealing wind element range damage and knocking out enemies in it. Long Press: Centered on itself, summons up a larger wind area, dealing wind element range damage and knocking out enemies within. When the long press is cast, Wendy will fly into the air on the wind. Enemies that are blown away by the song of the heavens will fall slowly for a short time.

5. Elemental Burst: Shoot arrows formed by thousands of winds, creating a huge eye of the storm in front of you, drawing the enemy in, and continuously causing wind element damage. Suppose the Eye of the Storm comes into contact with the water element/fire element/ice element/thunder element during the duration of the skill. In that case, it will gain the corresponding elemental attribute and cause additional damage to that element. Elemental transformation only occurs once during the skill’s duration.

Venti’s weapon recommendations

1. Elegy for the End: Venti’s big move can quickly deal enough damage to stack up to 4 tokens of memory, providing gains for subsequent teammates.  Secondary attributes guarantee the frequency of elemental bursts. At the same time, Wendy can quickly trigger multiple elemental reactions, and the elemental mastery bonus provided by this weapon effectively increases the damage caused by these elemental reactions.

2. Skyward Harp: Venti’s Elemental Skill and Elemental bursts already have considerable damage. The weapon provides a high critical attack and high critical damage panel to increase its damage further. Venti’s high-frequency attack elemental bursts are more likely to trigger weapon skills.

3. Favonius Warbow: The higher charge allows Venti to meet her own element burst cycle, and the weapon effects can also bring extra element charge to her teammates very conveniently under Venti’s high-frequency attack.

4. The Stringless: Elemental battle skills and Elemental bursts with Absolute String can deal considerable damage to enemies, and the mastery provided by its secondary attributes is also extremely important for Wind elemental characters.

Venti’s artifact recommendations

1. Viridescent Venerer: Plan A two-piece package provides a 15% wind element damage bonus, and a four-piece package increases diffusion reaction damage and reduces the corresponding element resistance of diffused elements. The Viridescent Venerer four-piece set’s resistance reduction effect is combined with Venti’s elemental combat skills or elemental bursts, which can reduce the elemental resistance of monsters while bringing together a wide range of enemies on the field.  It can effectively enhance the output and auxiliary capabilities.

2. Emblem of Severed Fate and Viridescent Venerer: The Emblem of Severed Fate two-piece set increases charging efficiency and provides Wendy with a good element burst cycle, which is a good choice. Ring, Viridescent Venerer two-piece provides a Wind Element damage bonus, also for Speed Cut teams.

Main attribute recommendation:1.Sands of eon: Attack% or Energy Recharge

2. Goblet of eonothem: Wind elemental damage bouns.

 3. Circlet of logos: Critical rate or Critical damage.

Adverb  recommendation:1.Critical rate or Critical damage.


3. Energy Recharge

Venti’s team lineup recommendation


2.Venti,Sangonomiya Kokomi,Yae Miko,Fischl.

3.Venti,Kuki Shinobu,Yae Miko,Yelan.

4.Venti,Nahida,Yae Miko,Sangonomiya Kokomi.

5.Venti,Kuki Shinobu,Nahida,Yelan.

Venti, also known as “The Bard” in Genshin Impact, is a lively, kind-hearted character full of talent. As the Anemo Archon’s incarnation, Venti wields the boundless power of wind, bestowing blessings of gentle breezes and melodic tunes upon travelers. Her concluding words are warm and hopeful, expressing her heartfelt wishes for the travelers. They also reflect her pursuit of music and freedom. Venti is an unforgettable character who adds a unique atmosphere and story to Genshin Impact. In addition, our store shelves a variety of T-shirts; like T-shirts, please do not miss the Genshin Impact T-Shirt website.


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