How To Hang a Wall Scroll Without Using Nails

After the renovation of your home, it’s time to start decorating with various ornaments.

Wall scroll paintings are a very common choice that is convenient and beautiful. However, hanging them can be a problem.

After all the work put into renovating your house, who wants to damage the wall or make it dirty? So, what should you do? Here are several methods that will allow you to hang your pictures without leaving any trace.

Traceless nails

These are the most commonly used method nowadays, and they can be used on both wall tiles and wallpaper. They are hammered in with a trowel and are very sturdy. The nail holes left behind are small and almost invisible, so even if you take them down later, there is no need to worry about visible marks.

Traceless hooks

Similar to traceless nails, the nail holes left behind are very small, allowing you to hang slightly heavier decorative paintings. You can also move them around at any time, making them very convenient.

Picture rail hangers

This is a hanging method more commonly used in homes. You won’t need to damage the walls with this method – just suspend a single rail from the ceiling or upper wall. If you need to hang many paintings, this is a great solution. Of course, the cost is a bit higher than the first two methods.

Traceless adhesive

If you have light posters, you can use traceless adhesive film, also known as double-sided adhesive film. It can be reused, and loses its stickiness when exposed to water but regains it once it dries, making it very useful. We recommend using this for lightweight decorative paintings.

If you’re interested in customized wall scrolls, you can choose Diipoo’s services. They offer tools for hanging your paintings.


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