๐Ÿ’ชThe Battle Against Time: How Long Do Onaholes Last

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Average duration of sexual intercourse for men: 7 minutes and 36 seconds Average duration of sexual intercourse for men: 15 minutes Average duration of sexual intercourse for men: about 17 minutes Average duration of sexual intercourse for men: 13 minutes

The average duration of sexual intercourse for men in various countries is actually not long, and it is not as described in movies where foreigners have an average of 30-60 minutes. While there are indeed people like that, most of them only appear in adult films.

The French approach to sex is similar to Asiansโ€™, preferring to enjoy foreplay with a slow and comfortable rhythm. Basically, half an hour of foreplay can reach halfway through the sexual process and last longer. The communication between both parties will not be too tiring, and they will feel physically and mentally pleased without exhaustion.

Compared to Asians, Europeans, and Americans do have an advantage in size, but the stimulation they receive during intercourse also increases accordingly because there is more contact area. Donโ€™t think that these people are weaker; they can easily achieve orgasm.

Indians enjoy indulgent sex and have the highest frequency among several countries. They reach an average of about 140 times per year, which means about once every two days. Their sexual activity time is not very long, but their performance is relatively strong.

A nationwide survey showed that Germans who have a higher frequency of sex tend to have higher incomes as well. So German women generally only care about two things when it comes to men: โ€œwalletโ€ and โ€œbedroom pleasures.โ€ Germans are quite balanced in this regard; their skills cover both aspects perfectly.

๐Ÿ’ชThe Battle Against Time: How Long Do Onaholes Last

So, whatโ€™s the ideal duration for sex?

If we calculate from the time of penetration until ejaculation, 3-7 minutes would be enough to satisfy needs, while a duration between 7 and 13 minutes would be most desirable. Anything less than 3 minutes would be too short, while anything over 13 minutes might be too long. In conclusion, a duration of around 7 minutes for sexual intercourse leading up to ejaculation is most satisfying.

Experts from Utrecht University in the Netherlands conducted research on 491 couples from five countries. The researchers conducted a four-week test, using a stopwatch to measure the time between penetration and ejaculation, without considering the use of condoms. The results were surprising: the average duration was 5 minutes and 24 seconds.

๐Ÿ’ชThe Battle Against Time: How Long Do Onaholes Last

If the duration is not enough, can it be extended through exercise or by using sex toys?

The answer is that most of it can be solved through acquired methods.

For example, comparing virgins or those with little sexual experience to men who have been married for 3-5 years, it is certain that married men last longer and have more skills on average. This is because their bodies have undergone physiological adaptation exercises, allowing them to withstand this level of stimulation completely and become quite familiar with it. The effect of lasting longer comes from repeatedly raising this threshold of stimulation intensity. Therefore, all you need is a toy that closely simulates real human stimulation and has a similar physiological structure. By exercising with normal frequency or special techniques during sexual activity training sessions, you can train yourself.

๐Ÿ’ชThe Battle Against Time: How Long Do Onaholes Last

1. When you use a sex toy (onahole), you may watch some movies to help you use it. These movies easily stimulate your brain and put your brain in an excited state. At this time, every aspect of your body becomes extremely sensitive, so quickness is normal.

2. The excitement level from using a sex toy far exceeds that from real people. I have many friends who say they can easily last for 30 minutes or even an hour in real-life encounters but cannot last for more than 5 minutes when using a sex toy.

3. In real life encounters, you need to pay attention to each otherโ€™s feelings and be distracted at times. When using a sex toy (onahole), your focus remains consistent which also leads to faster completion time.

In conclusion, no matter how fast you are when using a sex toy (onahole), you are still considered normal.

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