Genshin Impact Fountain Music Album Online: London Symphony Orchestra Plays Romantic Atmosphere

miHoYo released a new album for their game “Genshin Impact” called “Fountain of Belleau.” The album consists of four discs: “Chanson of Justice and Impartiality,” “Arioso of Belle Epoque,” “Chapelloise of Trickling Springs,” and “La Bataille de Fontaine.” In total, there are 96 original soundtracks composed by the HOYO-MiX music team specifically for the region of Mondstadt in the game.

The London Symphony Orchestra performed the selected tracks of the Mondstadt chapter, and traditional Chinese music artists recorded at top recording studios such as Abbey Road Studios, Angel Studios, and Air-Edel Recording Studios.

Genshin Impact Fountain Music Album Online: London Symphony Orchestra Plays Romantic Atmosphere

Mondstadt is the fifth nation encountered by players in the fantasy world of “Teyvat” in Genshin Impact. It is known as the “City of Justice,” its design draws inspiration from natural landscapes, architectural scenery, arts, and humanities elements from European regions such as France and England while incorporating the fantastical elements consistent with Genshin Impact’s style. The music composition for Mondstadt also reflects this perspective of Chinese creators drawing upon global cultural elements combined with a sense of fantasy romance.

According to a behind-the-scenes documentary released on October 4th about Mondstadt’s music production, classic European instruments such as mandolins, lutes, and violas da gamba were used in orchestration choices. To enhance the romantic atmosphere of Mondstadt’s music, jazz elements representing urban fashion sense were added along with waltz elements that evoke a dramatic feeling and elegant baroque elements.

In order to better create the music of Fontaine and the Great World, according to members of the HOYO-MiX team, the team has done a lot of research. Based on the overall European style of Fontaine, they have referenced German and Austrian music styles from as early as the Renaissance period to as late as Romanticism. They have also incorporated French music styles from composers such as Saint-Saëns, Gabriel Fauré, and Maurice Ravel.

The highly acclaimed main city music of Fontaine, “Fontaine,” uses a sonata form structure to showcase a sense of narrative. It intentionally emphasizes the role of the development section in the sonata form structure. Different instruments appear one after another, depicting suspenseful and dramatic scenes. The story is pushed to its climax using montage techniques.

Genshin Impact Fountain Music Album Online: London Symphony Orchestra Plays Romantic Atmosphere

In the recording of the battle music “Rondeau des fleurs et des rapières” in Mondstadt, two unique musical instruments called Glass harmonica were used, bringing players a distinctive auditory experience.

It is worth noting that with the launch of Fountain, players’ footsteps are no longer limited to land but can also freely explore underwater.

In order to match the breakthroughs in technology and gameplay for underwater experiences in Genshin Impact, the background music design has been fully adapted. It mainly consists of electronic elements and vocal singing. The music can be lively and melodious or quiet and beautiful, avoiding creating a sense of confinement for players underwater.

Genshin Impact Fountain Music Album Online: London Symphony Orchestra Plays Romantic Atmosphere

Genshin Impact’s music has always been known for integrating world music elements. For example, the Liyue region combines Chinese traditional music with a symphony by using traditional Chinese instruments such as erhu and flute. The Inazuma region’s music is inspired by the Middle East, incorporating musical scales and instrumentation from countries like Ney, Duduk, and Saz instrumentations. Although Mondstadt and Fontainebleau draw on European musical elements, they still allow players to feel musical style differences significantly. Mondstadt’s music leans towards medieval Europe, while Fontainebleau conveys romance and grandeur from France and England.

MiHoYo behind Genshin Impact emphasizes investment in music production by establishing their music team, HOYO-MiX, while actively recruiting and nurturing musicians. The OST album “Fountain of Belleau” for Fontainebleau is already the seventeenth album released since Genshin Impact launched.

In a behind-the-scenes documentary about Fontainebleau’s music production within Genshin Impact, Yuan Dimeng (the producer) mentioned that Genshin Impact primarily focuses on classical symphonic compositions; therefore, each person’s creative style becomes very important. “By allowing everyone to showcase their characteristics and incorporating them into the overall vision for Fontainebleau, it can unexpectedly achieve desired effects. Just like the Traveler, we also have many opportunities in the future to embrace adventures.”

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